Our Commitment

Your Safety

Armed Security Officers:

Our reaction officers are highly trained and PSIRA registered. They will be communicating constantly with our control room so they can respond swiftly according to our policy and clients instruction.

Our control room are manned around the clock ensuring that any alarm activation are dealt with immediately.

Residential Guarding:

Our residential guards will greatly reduce the risk of loss or damage and give our clients peace of mind in the knowledge that their people, property and possessions are secure and well looked after.

This service is approached with the strictest of confidence by both our management and our staff.

Our mobile office is connected to the head office ensuring excellent customer service. 



Commercial Guarding:

We recognize our security officers are the ambassadors of your building and that’s why we are committed to hiring the best candidates.

Internal Shopping Complex Security:

Security Officers are trained in all aspects of security discipline, with strong emphasis on observation and visibility.
Security Officers also perform a public relations function and are able to provide general information regarding the relevant shopping complex to customers.

In-store Security:

Including store operating rules and procedures, customer care, customer theft techniques, fitting room control, searching of staff, asset, control, stockroom security, cash security and key control, among others.



Car Park Guarding:

Parking areas are patrolled by officers on foot they are trained to spot suspicious or unusual behavior. The guard’s visible presence acts as a deterrent to effectively discourage potential criminals.

Car Guards:

It’s common to find car guards at shopping centres these days they do serve a purpose in the reduction in vehicle theft and extra eyes in the surrounding areas of a shopping centre or retail crossings.

Security officers are well trained, friendly and helpful, they will assist shoppers if need be and will work closely with our reaction unit in the event of possible theft or threat to anybody.

Security Technology:

Including alarm systems and panic buttons, as well as CCTV systems throughout the centre monitored by officers at central control room.



Security services during Events:

We can assist in client’s events preparation. We assist our clients in minimizing risk. Logistical preparation and crowd management.

Our goal is to ensure the events is a success with minimal concerns or problems to the client and promoters. Our experts will assess all risks and
work closely with the Metro Police and SAPS, to ensure a successful and safe event.


A crucial element of the security industry and must be conducted carefully.

All investigations are carried out in a highly confidential
manner and our investigators will provide dockets on incidents ready for court or disciplinary hearings.

Eagleclaw Security Services works closely with the
SAPS and the Organised Crime Fighting Unit to complete investigations.


Dog Handling:

We have variety of dogs with varying skills tailored to suit different client’s needs.

Dogs are trained specifically for patrol and attack strangers at the command of the handler.

Crowd control dogs, Narcotic dogs trained to sniff and detect all kinds of drugs, tracking dogs with the ability to track crimes from a point of burglary to the destination of stolen property.

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